No internet Software solution

Hi everyone please help urgent
I bought the X-Carve a month ago and I have no internet connection whatsoever and cannot get one so what software can I use to work it

As far as design and creating the G-code ( which are the commands that tell the machine how to move) you can use any one of hundreds of cad/cam programs. Sketchup and Autodesk Fusion 360 are both free. I personally use V Carve Pro and love it.

To send your g-code to the machine: Universal G-code sender ( )
For windows 7 use the stable version for Windows 10 use the nightly build. If you have windows 8 upgrade right now :grinning:

I hope this helps

you might want to try Mach 3 as your controller

Mach 3 (or 4) = $$$
I like FREE. (But then I’m cheap!)

Hi Bill I already have mach 3 but dont know how to get it to see the X Carve can you advise please ?
Also I have V Carve and dont know how to get them to see each other and people are advising using using other things but I am struggling to get the downloads to use them as I have no internet to down load from

How are you posting on this forum?

I use VCarve Desktop for most of my design and toolpath creation, then UGS to connect to my SO2 (XCarve’s daddy).

V-Carve is a program to create G-code to send to CNC machines. There is a Post Processor specific to the X-carve that you need to use in order for V-Carve to generate X-Carve specific G-code.

Once you have the G-code file on your disk you can use something like Universal G-code Sender (requires Java) to connect to the X-carve via the serial port that gets setup when you plug the Arduino into your computer (make sure that the serial port is set for a baud rate of 115200).

She must be at McDonalds on there free WiFi with her lap top.

Ariel, WA

I like free also but it was said no internet and can get any that is why I said mach 3

Last I checked, Mach3 does not work with GRBL based solutions, such as the stock X-Carve.
Like others have suggested, UGS will work fine for the original posters needs.

How are you using Mach 3 with XCarve?

I have not try it with Xcarve yet using it on my 60" X 34 cutter I am building , way it should work is to up load to Mach 3 and that is what you control the cutter with… Mach 3 can run with USB

I am not sure what I have I bought this complete and have no idea of the spec but I believe it is totally standard

I am posting from another place where I can get Internet I only get a chance to play Tuesday and Thursday

So the story so far folks is

Thanks to the first reply I’ve downloaded the G code sender going to try to install that and people talk about UGS could someone please send me the link to this because I don’t know what I am looking for exactly
And to set the story straight tho I am amused I live in a village in a dip of the countryside and Internet is poor literally from one area of the house to the other they’re installed fibre at the bottom of my drive but not commissioned yet!
Frustrated designer is understatement
Come on guys give this gal a leg up

Universal Gcode Sender link.

The link takes you to the page for the nightly build of UGS 2.0. Near the center of the page there’s a link for the file. Download it, unzip it and click on the start.bat file to start UGS. It assumes you have Java installed. If you don’t, you can get it here.

If that doesn’t get your leg up, let me know! :slight_smile:

Thank you Bill Arnold I am away tonight but come Tuesday I will be trying this out and will love you forever if I am off and running
Thank you for your patience x