X Carve Internet needed for Easel can I use Mach 3

I have just purchased an X Carve 1000 mm and have set up in my workroom

Do I have to connect to the internet every time to use Easel?

I had already bought Mach 3 and V Carve Desktop can I use these instead of Easel to control the X Carve if so what do I have to do to do this?

Please help very new to all of this Belinda


I’m pretty sure that Mach 3 doesn’t work with GRBL so without some hardware tinkering you’re not going to be able to use it with the X-Carve. The V-Carve family of softwares work great, but you’ll need to use something like UGS or ChiliPeppr as a sender.

Yes, and no.

You can connect Easel to the internet and use it on a project without the internet after the initial log-in. You can also leave Easel open and run your machine with new files, but they won’t be saved unless you re-connect to the internet. Some people use their cellphone connection to log-in and get a project started and then turn off the network while they are working and running the machine and then log back in later and let their file save up to the cloud.

Like @NAM37 I would recommend using Universal G-code Sender as it is fully offline after it is installed. (use nightly builds version 2)

ChiliPeppr is a great option, but it is online as well.

Edit: I have left my browser up with Easel up and running for a few days at a time before.

Thank you for replying
how do I get the GRBL or is this already there as I am getting a message saying preview is missing need GRBL
Also I tried using the V Carve but it didn’t see the machine I tried entering new details but it wasn’t seeing it am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your reply
I have very poor internet connection and am waiting for Fiber connection coming to the village soon so I cant manage to keep the project online
I set off doing a project test and the machine kept running and the controls where greyed out so I couldn’t stop it
can I run all of this on a windows operating system because I think the XP PC is struggling but I had it for the previous CNC router sorry so many questions which may seem pretty obvious to you but I am very new

Mach3 is a very good CNC control software. It will NOT work with the stock electronics that come with the X-Carve. It requires a computer running XP. You can still find these computers for cheap. You would also need a computer that has a parallel port along with XP. Next you will need a Break Out Board. This goes between the computer and your stepper drivers.You will also need different stepper drivers. One very good piece of equipment is Gecko Drives G540 It is an all in one package with BOB and stepper drivers all in one compact unit. Will take up to 50 VDC. It has connections for Homing and limit switches. Connection for E stop switch and other connections. It has 4 stepper drivers so you can slave Y and A together to run your Y axis off of 2 drivers.
There are several screen sets available if you do not like the stock screen set that comes with the program.
You can also get a screen set that lets you set up a tool change position and a tool change touch plate that will measure your tool length when you change tools in a spindle that does not have tool length repeatability.
V Carve Desktop will out put Gcode that will work with Mach3 as will other CAM programs.

Hope this helps

Ariel, WA

You do not need XP. Windows 7 works just fine. You WILL have a hard time finding a computer with a parallel port. But if you have a regular computer not a lap top, running windows 7, you can get a parallel port board and use the Gecko.

Depending on where you live, there may be some surplus electronics stores… University of San Diego here has an electronic recycle center where they sell old computers of all types. I picked up a 3.2 ghz Core 2 quad with 4gb of ram for $50, parallel port included :wink: Heck, even the touch-screen display I use with it came from there!