NodeJS troubles with EaselLocal


If I writing to wrong category, forgive me!

As a NodeJS developer, I using the newest versions of NodeJS, of course x64. But because EaselLocal installer have prebuilt serialport module built on 4.2.2x86, of course, it will not works + the installer will froze and don’t move (the service registration failed because it searching the path of NodeJS in Program Files (x86), but actually the NodeJS(x64) is on Program Files).

So, when the NodeJS installer is integrated in EaselLocal installer, is not better to integrate to Installer only binaries (node.exe, the NPM is not required when the all modules is in installer), link it with nssm.exe and done? Not any collisions with architecture, versions and installers.

See Easel (Windows v.0.3.2) Install Hangs -- SOLUTION

I know this, for solve this problem I recommending a improving a installer :slight_smile: