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[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

This is great! I’d like to test it out please

I would like to use this as well.

Definitely interested in trying this feature.

Please add me as well.

I would love to be added to the list. Thanks!

I’d like access please

I would like to test this feature please!!

this looks like a cool feature. I use meshcam and would like to test this please.

Wow i need to start having a digest on these forums. I always seem to be late to the party.

Please add me to this test feature as well.

I do nearly all of my design in Aspire and have been exporting the designs to SVG but loosing all of the vcarving settings.

Hello, I would like to give this a go! I use Mastercam but am looking into Fusion as the transition may be easier. Looking forward to trying this out!


Please enable this feature for me. Thank you!

@JeffTalbot Please add me to the access list. Thanks!

Add me, please. Seeing if F360 will play nice for me.

Please let me test it with my new Carvey and Fusion 360! :four_leaf_clover:

all people above you guys should all have access. Under “Import -> G-code”. Let me know if I you can’t see it, i may have missed someone there were a lot!

BTW we are working towards releasing this feature publicly. We are adding:

  1. Saving the g-code to your project so you don’t have to keep re-importing
  2. Importing the material stock size and bit information from the g-code
  3. If the bit / material information doesn’t come in from the g-code, hiding those confirmation steps in the walkthrough since they might be misleading.

Stay tuned!


Thanks, that’s a good approach to take. Another which would probably be appreciated by many would be a standalone version which would just take the code and send it locally without needing cloud access. Basically like UGS, but with your more friendly interface. Since you’re already installing node.js locally this might be easily doable. It would also be appreciated by anyone with less than totally reliable Internet access in their workshop.

How can I try this out? It’s not available in my File menu currently.

Hello Paul,
I logged out and logged back in and still don’t see the import feature. Thanks again!

BTW, any date estimate for the public release?


I Would like to try this out pretty please!!!

You don’t see the “Import g-code” in the “File” tab?