Ok first cut, what's going on?!?!

So I’m trying to make clamps what’s all this chattering about it’s only in the x direction more do when it’s moving right … its kinda hard to “see” in the video but you can hear it.
1/4" birch plywood
40 ipm
1/8" compression bit
Speed setting 2 on dewalt 611

What’s your depth of cut? Your depth of cut should be half the diameter of the bit. So your 1/8 should only be cutting 1/16 deep.

.08 is what easel set it at …

BAH!! ITS PHILS FAULT !!! I used his clamp project is probably set up for his modded machine!


make sure you’re also using conventional rather than climb cutting

ok i set easel to default and its “better” but still chattering a bit , how do you change it to conventional in easel?

And don’t forget to use BLUE LOCTITE!


lol im new!!

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yea everything is loctited

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You cannot change the direction that Easel cuts, A program like Vcarve will allow you to select conventional or climb cutting.

i cant get rid of this CHATTER!!! its driving me nuts watching the carriage bounce back and fourth, ok so I’ve checked all of my v wheels there all tight, takes 2 fingers to turn andy of them, I added a little bit of juice to the stepper motor by adjusting the pot ever so slightly, the machine is good and square I can take and follow a line on the waste board vertically and horizontally with maybe 1000th of a deviation I was using a .010 engraving bit and I started at one of the corners of the grid pattern and followed a line to full extent on both directions, my only guess is belt tension theres no way to know what the tension is unless I buy a fish scale is what I’m seeing on the forums… could it be belt tension?? I do notice the belt seems to "stretch " when its carving for example if I watch a spot of the belt with a speck of dust on it I can see it move ever so slightly as the carriage moves back and fourth even more so if it is making fast-small movements.

my last test was a carving on a pice of 4mm thick walnut with a 1/16" fishtail using recommended cut settings in easel

feed 32
plunge 9
dpp .04

any ideas what else to check the carriage was also squared to the work-surface earlier today
is this chatter normal on an unmodified 1000mm xcarve?

Eureka!!! After trying everything here I was still getting crazy chatter , I decided to add dust guards and stiffen the Y rails at the same time. The stiffening mod worked !!! Running that same job 100 ipm almost no chatter!

So you feel that stiffening the Y Axis removed the chatter? I have been getting chatter but only in one direction when the X axis is moving to the left and it is cutting on towards the rear of the machine. I have also heard it when it is moving to the right but cutting towards the front of the machine. Not sure what this would mean.

Also I saw you mention loctite on the nuts, but I felt like this new machine use nylock nuts everywhere. Is there still a need for loctite?

dont locktite anything with nylon nuts, watch the before video above, its night and day.

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that is fine lol

I am glad you got this all sorted out

I am curious after you did the mods did you run at the original settings to see if it still chattered?

also if you are finding that your projects are not coming out to dimension or there is chatter try and rotating the entire part even 1 deg and see if that helps when you do that it will take the slack out of the x and y axis because it has to interpolate everything

yea i had corrected that after it was pointed out immediately , it helped a tiny bit not much later that night i was cutting 4mm thick walnut at the recommended settings and still getting crazy chatter… it drove me to the mod lol!

so I dont follow the recommended settings in easel

as you are experiencing

sometimes they cause problems

I see that you are using a compression spiral on the birch

could you tell me a little bit about the type of tools that you currently have on hand and the brands they are?

also I think you have shined a little light on something here and that is if you push your machine harder in some cases it will correct the problem

lots of these problems are caused by running tools to slow and also running the tool to shallow will shorten there expected life

I did for almost a year!!

It could mean that your DOC is changing due to the machine either being out of square or not level.

I had an issue where my front to back and side to side DOC varied even with no Z movement. I went through and made everything parallel and level and it cleared it up.

Sorry brain fart depth of cut, I don’t think it’s the depth of cut , I would have to check with a set of calipers but from the looks of the pockets they seem to be ok, stiffening the rails really seemed to help , I’m still unclear what rpm different tools need to be run at , as far as the bits I’m using there are all from inventables the one in the vide that was giving me trouble was a 1/8th" compression bit there supposed to excel at hard plywoods , after the mod it has a realy smooth cut. I bought all of the starter kits that are available when you customize the machine along with a 1/4" 2 flute up cut endmill