Ok so I bought the x carve now putting together

I have never been good with some layout material and better at watching then doing as I go! So is there anyone youtube video that stands out in anyone’s mind as to the build for the newest layout of the machine? All suggestions will help 1000%

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Come take a look at PawPawsWorkshop and also Seth’s videos. Both of us have many videos that will help you plus there are many people here on the forum are very willing to help

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ok well i found your videos but cant put it a sequential order let alone find the exact one that shows how to assemble the newest version of the 1000, let alone know who Seth is

I am in the early stages of building this CNC. I have had no luck with videos showing details on how to put this thing together, it’s a Hodge podge of video’s out there. So I am just taking the painstaking path like watch a bit on this video and then attempt to refer to the so called instructions. Oh well I am having fun learning it I guess. When it’s all done I can look at it and say whew.

I agree 100% and what’s sad is they knowingly put this out there without much in the line of adequate documentation

Ever since reading this, I have my CNC table done and started on the frame. Not happy with both at this time. I am rethinking my table. I am going to make a change and also video the CNC build even if it’s slow and tedious and boring to watch. I have searched high and low and nothing. I want to really take their instructions and do them to the “T”. Show at 11 so to speak. I just have to redo what I started. Once it’s done then it’s done. But I want it documented.

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Can I suggest that you put something at the top of the upgrade instructions telling users not to begin installation because you may not be able to get your CNC operating again and there’ll be no tech support once your unit is in pieces?

Hey Bob, u need help with something particular?

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Thanks for reaching out Seth.

The tee nuts don’t stay in side the slot when being tightened. They just rotate until they’re horizonal, making it impossible to install the stiffeners.

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Hi, I’m the seth Phillip was referring to.

I think Phillip mentioning me was his way of supporting a smaller YouTube who, like himself, tries to help others a bunch :grin:

Unfortunately I don’t have that newest version or the upgrades to make a specific video on, I have found a bunch of halfway decent build videos out there, but they do jump around a lot and don’t really take a brand new owner through step by step so I don’t know that they would do you any better than the photo instructions.

They should rotate as they are turned clockwise and they will only rotate 1/4 of the way and lock into place… now they need to be fairly loose on the screw in order to rotate properly… if you look closely on the example photos you’ll see that they are maybe 1/2 a turn on the screw as this will give then the ability rotate rotate into place.

That said I don’t love those rotating the nuts when they are hidden behind that plate… I rather see the slotting ones that you have to slide into the slot and they don’t rotate at all… but lining them all up to get into those slots would be equally painful.

I just want an answer as to how to get the tee nuts to stay in place. Check it…

The tnut on the left is one that came with the original CNC. The one on the right is the one that comes with the upgrade. Imagine trying to tighten a screw attached to the new one. Because it’s so narrow, it just keeps turning round and round. Chances are, it’ll stop turning in a horizontal position - that is, not in the slot. Which is useless.

Notice that the new nut has a bit of a bump where the screw entered. I believe this is there to “catch” the slot opening to stop it from spinning. But this bump is too short to actually do that.

Me thinks these are the wrong tee nuts for this installation. What do you think?

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Me thinks these are installed the wrong way , tee nuts can be installed only the right way not the left way . What do you think?

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I don’t follow. Say more.

I think I’m with ken on this one… ive used these I 5 other cnc builds and they’ve worked perfectly, u surethey aren’t on the screw backwards?

So when you say, “on the screw backwards”, do you mean with the bump pointing away from the opening? No, I’m sure that’s not the case. But I’m encouraged by your optimism. Maybe I am doing something wrong. But I don’t think that’s it. The bump just isn’t catching for me. Why could that be?

this is the correct way, the key thing is to follow the instruction closely even though they suck.

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Ah, that’s what you’re saying. → Except the nuts shown in that picture are the ones they sent with the original unit. Refer back to my picture. The upgrade is using the other ones, which just rotate out of place while being tightened.

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those are people are forget use for after assembly , I would file those under G .
put a piece of wood under the rail y-1 , take off the front riser . the side pea nuts install plastic crap from the to the front. then repeat for y-2

G+ Garbage