Organize your Easel projects ;-)


After playing a bit changing some Easel stuff I wondered how about making some ‘third party’ extensions for it, so here it is, a way to keep organized all your Easel projects:

What is the concept behind this?

The idea is really simple, this little app downloads links for the projects and allows you to keep them updated with one click

How to use it?

Again, really simple, select a folder and click Sync.

Download (2016-05-05)

Source code

Note: In case you wonder, here is the login code, it just launches a browser window and then passes the cookies to the WebRequest routine. It never knows your username or password.


Sure thing, these are normal links. The only thing is that the app also updates previously ‘synced’ links, so it does not create duplicates, even if the links are re-organized in folders.

My idea is probably turn the app into a little service that checks continuously the files, much like Dropbox or OneDrive. Maybe even save the project locally (scrapping the geometry), etc.

This is just the first version.