Paw paw's projects

Hi Phil. I was going too fast then :grinning: at 100 in/min.

Live and learn.

Thanks again for sharing

I’m doing some large fan art signs. This is an exercise in tiling. These are approximately 20x40. The customer is painting and adding LED lights


Another nice job Phil.

Very nice job Phillip

Watched them yesterday!

Tiling Extreme. I’m doing two stage carving and a cutout of the sign all while tiling this 20x40" sign.


You hit it again Phil great job.Very clear and clean cut on how you did it.

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well done!

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@SteveMoloney Thank you very much for the file. It is a big hit on YouTube. Is this file on the project page? I could not find it. The blast gates are perfect.


Nice job Phillip interested to see the rest.

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I think I sent it to you but never shared it. I will get it shared.

It is uploaded, looking forward to seeing the how to on the micro switches!

Can you post a link to this Watch Us Grow project? This would be fantastic for my nieces! :smiley:

@KelseyJohnston. Here’s the link

Spawn fan art with a continued tiling discussion and tabs usage.


Hey @PhillipLunsford,

Here’s another fan art project you could do a video on:

Keep up the good work!


@EthanKinney Thank you, that looks awesome

It’s that a trace? Looks too good to be one.

If you’ve made that you should sell it or keep it to yourself; before you know it, that image will be everywhere. You’re too generous!

It’s a trace. Saw a few like it online. Decided to make my own version:


I decided to reverse the color and I am going to carve it tomorrow. Again, thank you very much. @EthanKinney