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Any chance you can send me the gcode for those carved stars? the square (union) I am working with is 12.25x17.5 and I dont have vcarve software. Thanks

Where do you get the military at

What are you referring to??

The field is set for a different size. I would have to redo the whole thing

Hey Paw Paw, I am new to this whole cnc thing. I just bought the inventables machine and I have several law enforcement buddies that are wanting me to make a personalized badge to display on the wall. How can I select a svg clip art of a badge and then get the outline of it to cut it out. All I can seem to do is carve the whole image into wood. Thanks for any info. I have watched just about all your video’s on you tube and you are great at what you do. Thanks!

First thing to do is to get the best and highest resolution image that you can get. Black and white is best. If you are familiar with Inkscape you can bring the image there and do a trace bit map and create the path. Save it as an svg file. Open in easel and size it and carve.

If you do not have Inkscape. Try bring the image directly into easel using image trace.

Thank you so much. I enjoy watching your video’s. You do a great job!

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