Pewter molds?

I recently moved down to MS and see several pewter star fish, anchors, etc. They look pretty cool and the retailers generally like their product (aka high prices). I assume with the X-carve we could make molds to pour the pewter in so I am curious if anyone has a good source for pewter? It might be an interesting challenge to make a mold, pour in the pewter and see if I can match their product in a similar way.

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Having done a good bit of pouring of white metal, I’ll share my 2. I’d make my masters on the X-carve but still use high temp silicone for the molds. As straight forward as casting pewter seems, it doesn’t always behave.

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I visit the goodwill stores. There are often large pewter bowles and trays there for a dollar that can be melted down.


Good thoughts. I appreciate it.

@JeremyHill Check out this post here; Quick Pewter Casting
It includes a video on a “how to”.

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