Phil's random vcarve posts (phil's projects)

Ah, ok. So I was seeing that correctly. I was trying to replicate in Vcarve but couldn’t figure that step out. I think I have it figured out now though.
I just need to work on tweaking my paths/bits, my time is right at 1 hour for a sign that is approx 11x8x.75
Since your time was about half of that!

Well, and of course your machine can run much quicker than mine too.

Yep, been trying to work my way through those.

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I’ll have to pass on that challenge. I’d be in an old age home before I figured this one out! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This one however I could try!

Vcarve clipart has a similar shape built in (actually quite a few, not just one).

Here is what I’m tinkering with (using the Vcarve clipart shape):

Making an edge effect using a pocket with a ballnose around the outside. Still not convinced on the font.

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OH okay! I figured you designed the beaver :stuck_out_tongue: I could probably do it then. If I had the money :stuck_out_tongue:

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Back in Jan you had posted some pics with a Barrett and shotgun, where did you find those object files? I’ve been searching around and cannot find any goods files like that. The only ones I have found are either a terrible design/rendering or they have multiple other items in the design.

Kinda odd, that’s my nephew’s name…

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I aint afraid of no ghosts

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would have been cooler if the kids name was Egon


Here is my carve on the house number!


How do you get the live edge texture on some of these?

Thanks for the info. I will look at my Aspire clipart to check out what I already have. Then I will go to Design and Make.

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It appears that I have some bark non-tileable blocks in Aspire. Phil, have you made a video tutorial on how to set them up and use them? I know something like that would be helpful to me.

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Phil, mess with the mustache part of the beard now so it blends more with the lower beard. it looks really cool.

you should make bodies for these guys… it would make them a free standing post. you could do it so that it would slip over a post (4x4 for example) the post would be the anchor to the ground.

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My apologies… I beg for forgiveness :wink:

customer supplies the post. you do the body (cover) … just as an extra option thought…

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Very nice indeed. Someday I hope to be able to model stuff like that.

You can use screen capture software

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yes most definitely. My Canon t5i still wouldn’t be able to capture a pc monitor very good. even just using screen cap software and your camera for just the audio you could sync them with a video editting software

Yeah buddy that is what I am talking about! Make that old man yell

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