Piece of crap does it again

this piece of crap just ruined another job, zeroed the the bit hit send and it just sunk the bit straight into the work piece, stopped it re zeroed the bit hit send and off it goes like it should, to late for the job though now have to restart a the whole thing ffs

I get the frustration, but it is what it is. Its not the sturdiest cnc out there, but you get what you pay for. As in previous complainy type posts you’ve had before though, you usually just have to try to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

one post where i vented and i did nothing wrong the machine is just completely unreliable, always blaming the user is a escape goat. a mate and myself have the exact same pc his is a piece of shit mine if fine, not all things are made equal even if they are the same product

What do you think went wrong here Lachlan? Do you think the Arduino forgot you had zeroed it the first time?

really don’t know, its not the first time its happened. occasionally it it just drives the bit straight into the work piece to the point of bending the whole X axis and doesn’t stop till its shut off

when restarted it seems to run fine again

This has happened to me a couple of times. It’s been because I’ve moved the bit right into the middle of stock, cutting a slot really.

What’s happened is that the bit works a bit like a wheel on a road, pushing itself sideways, and as it does it grabs more stock, which pushes it sideways more and so on it goes till the machine bends enough that it pulls the bit back.

Does that sound like the kind of thing you saw? was there a lot of sideways deflection when it failed?

had it centered on the the bottom left corner, it sort of does that but it moved about 2-3cm in the up in the Y axis then sank the bit down in the Z axis into the piece as far as it could, its only meant to carving a few mm off the surface

That sounds a bit more like a software issue than a hardware one. ‘Crappy’ hardware wouldn’t drive itself down into the workpiece like that. Something had to command it to.

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using UGS and aspire

I use Fusion 360 and Chilipeppr so can’t help there!

think i may give UGS the flick, but not real keen on online CAM’s

can you post your gcode?

Make sure you have removed the tool change command from the post processor. It causes the Grbl to do crazy things.


Have you tried Easel as your gcode sender? I’ve had very good results so far.

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I’ve had that happen a couple of times…it seems that my shop laptop was busy updating itself by downloading apps from the internet at the time. I’ve since learned to shut off all background software (internet, screen savers, anti-virus software, etc.). Since I’ve done that, the machine hasn’t misbehaved. I don’t know if this is the case with your machine, but try it and see if it makes a difference.

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Take a look at you post processor for aspire.
There is a tool change command M06 that can cause UGS to do really weird things.

I also added a G90 (Absolute Addressing) to my header to make sure I am always running code in the right mode as UGS uses G91 (Incremental addressing) for the manual move commands.

UGS also always screws me up with the Zero and Return to (Machine) Zero button being too close together. Hitting the wrong one is tragic :frowning:

My world has gotten much better since I started using the g code import in easel. I know I was doing something wrong in UGS. Since then my only bad carves are entirely my fault. Bad zero, didn’t measure, etc.


have you double checked units? I’ve seen cases where folks are using their software to jog the machine in a certain unit and then sent a GCODE file that didn’t set the units at the top. Something to check anyways.

Try ChilliPeppr! I’ve had some great luck with it. I really need to start using Easel code import… CP just works so darn nicely, and I use length probing too much not to have it.