Probably my favorite bit so far "2 weeks in"

This right here is probably my favorite bit. Once I got the machine dialed in!! I did my first 3d carve tonight since I don’t have much hardwood laying around I thought I would try a small carving i didn’t expect much but WOW I’m impressed!! And its not even a proper ball nose bit!! the carving is roughly 1.75"x1.5"

OHH and fyi HobbyLobby carries these little bags of hardwood scrap for 8$ has a verity of different hardwoods good for practice , small projects , or inlays!!


Where do you buy your bits ? Which ball nose bit did do you generally use for your carvings , to get good detail ? I wish inventables sold tapered ball nose bits I spent a bunch of $$ on regular ball nose… I ordered the v bits from them who sells the small v- bits ?

Ok cool yea I didn’t know what size I’ve seen a bunch but the range from .25 mm and up I wasn’t sure how small to go

Awesome doll house furniture!!!

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I’m actually in the process of setting up another one while my laminate chunk dries, for another project.

Looks great! What program was used to generate the Gcode?

Groan… lol

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HAHAHAHAH!! thats amazing!

Aspire 4.5

Some impressive results !

What programs were used to make these?

I used aspire ver 4.5 to set it up, and easel to send g code.

I have already done some micro carving.
I have a .5mm ball end nose bit.


Nice! Is it tapered ? I’d like to find a set of tapered ball ends .25mm- 1.5mm just afraid to order anything because of lack of experience

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I’m in Texas , I have the 1/8th precision collet , I’ve seen bits online but there all from China huge lead time and you never know what u get . Amazon has singles I’d like set though.

Thanks man!

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I bought mine off of ebay.
The ones I bought are 4mm diameter on the shaft. So you will need an adaptor. (chineese made tools are not standard like here.) These work great and I have no had any issues. I have only used them on wood though. They should be able to carve soft metals like aluminum.

These are 4mm shank which will work fine with the 4mm reducer from here:
1/4 4mm 3/4 Amana Tool RB-101,0&keywords=RB-102

They list on the web that you can use them on steel but I wouldn’t do it. Also be aware that these may require a lub when cutting metal.
Here is a list of the hardness factors in coatings.

They work fine with this reducer but if you want high precision you should invest in a col-let that will do the job.

Just found these
1/8" shank so you do not need the adaptor.

Sweet! thanks so much !