Problem with the probe

I am running an Inventables X-Carve 1000. For some reason the machine thinks the probe plate and magnet are touching. I have edited the machine and even created a new machine but the problem persists. Anyone know whats going on and how to fix this problem? I have closed Easel Pro and restarted Easel and also shutdown my laptop and restarted it with no effect. The pictures show that the probe is not touching the plate. In Machine Inspector with the probe plugged in it shows contact, when I unplug it the green dot turns off.

My guess would be you have a short in the wires maybe a couple touching somewhere.


what happens when you detach the probe?

It very well could be a short. I looked but did not see anything obvious. However, I did notice that the plug-in on the back of the X-Controller has a lot of play. I will open it up tomorrow and see if there’s a problem there.


it’s good possibly this is the issue, I already replaced mine 3 times. because it falls apart.


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I had a new probe and plugged it in but it didn’t help. So my hunt for a short will continue tomorrow. As I mentioned to Wayne the plug going into the X-Controller has a lot of slop to it so the problem might be inside of it. Hopefully I will find the problem, what ever it is, tomorrow.


detach the wires from the green connector at the back of the controller to see if the issue is internal to the controller (issue persists) or within the cabling (issue goes away when wires detached)

Thanks, Seth, I will check that out tomorrow. Have to go to town today for a VA appointment. :unamused: :frowning_face:


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Seth, I believe the problem is internal. The Easel Inventables probe did not work at all with the wires detached. With them attached I could touch the plate to the bit but would not confirm it did. I then started Open Builds Control and attached it’s probe. When I to do the probe it would only do what I posted in my first thread and get the same error message. Since neither probe will work that makes me think it’s an internal problem.

Seth, I thought I have uploaded the error message in OpenBuilds I get when trying to use the OpenBuilds probe. My bad. However, still think the problem is inside the X-Controller.

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with the probe wires removed from the green connector at the back of the X-Controller are you still getting the green “contact” showing in machine inspector page?
If you are still getting this when there are is no probe connected at the back of the X-Controller, then the issue would be either software or a physical issue (could be the board or wiring) inside of the X-Controller.

Opening OpenBuilds Control to see if it shows “contact” in the troubleshooting tab over there would rule out the software as a potential IF the contact shows in both Easel and OpenBuilds.

No wires attached: Machine Inspector probe shows Green
No wires attached: Open Builds shows Probe Triggered

looks like its time to open up the X-Controller and verify the wiring is good inside, from there I’d assume it’s the main board if the wiring is good…

Specifically this cable that connects the smaller board to the main one could be plugged in crooked maybe…

Crap!! :face_exhaling: :disappointed: I’ll do that today. I had bought a JTech laser to use on the X-Carve. I have used it for a while so I mounted it yesterday afternoon but not getting any power to it. Fans don’t come and no laser. Then to add to the mix now the router will not turn on. Getting power to it though as it’s light comes on. Happiness all around! :joy: :upside_down_face: :wink:

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you will need a power source for the module, here is an adapter.
power on and off switch is ideal.

hope everything still works.

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Is this for the laser? If so the JTech laser came with the needed wiring which plugs into the Inventables X-Controller.


Here is my setup from JTech. In the picture showing the laser control on top of the x-controller one of those wires plugs into the back of the controller.

this might help you get it firing

That’s the video I followed to install the laser!! :grin: :rofl: :upside_down_face: I watch a lot of Paw Paws video. He’s great at going slow and explaining what he is doing and why. But thank you for your input. But to me it’s looking more and more as a controller problem as Seth said. Going to open it up now and see if I can find any problems in it.

did you have the power supply for the J-tech?