Problem with Y-axis


I have a Problem with the Y-axis from my X-carve 1000.

If i carve larger Parts, the Y-axcis lost her place and Slips over and bigins at an other point and destroy the carving.

The belts are ok.

When I drive by hand, rattles the axis y minus. In y plus everything is okay.

Double check that you V wheels are not loose or too tight.
Double check your pulleys, the set screws can work themselves loose easily and are so small it is hard to notice.

@AaronMatthews ill check the V-Wheels and the pulleys.

I have checked the V-Wheels a few days ago, and have realized, that, i tighten the Wheels fit, not too tight and not loose, the problem is more with rattle from the Y-Axis.

The Problem is, i thinks, more on the right sight from the Y-Axis.

I think i have found one of the problems.

The left und right slide position is approx 5 mm differently.

See pictures.

But how Can i fix this?

I’ve just been through correcting this problem myself. It’s a matter of getting the Y-axis rails parallel and the whole X-Carve frame square.
Here’s the most recent thread on the subject - started by @RogerAndre

To quote Freddie Mercury, “I’m going slightly mad.” I have torn everything apart, placed the 2 cm slide sub-frame on a sheet of MDF and drilled some temporary holes in it so that I can attach it with drywall screws while I measure everything. My Maker slide measurements are identical from top to bottom - 39" from outside V to outside V. Best I can figure, my diagonals measure 55 3/4" from outside end-plate edge to outside end-plate edge. Is that where I should be measuring from? If not, can someone suggest a different location/method? Also some dimensions to shoot for (1000mm machine) would be really handy.


My diagonals measure 1405mm x 1401mm - not as good as I thought I had it the other day. A test cut today does show up the error in corners that are more than 90°.
Frustrating. I’ve had enough of it for today, going inside to play with the 3d printer - which coincidently also needs alignment…

Yesterday i turned all screws off, and become a near good result for the y axis position.

If the belt and lower v wheel is not connected, the y axis is good and clean rund very goid. If I fixed the belt and the v wheels it rattles again in y minus.

I dont know why.

Some of that, maybe all of it, is probably the stepper motors.]
The motors also act as generators. They are wired together on the Y axis so when off if you move them, they start powering each other, acting as a break.
This is normal.

One way to test is to disconnect the wires from the Y motors. Tape or otherwise secure the loose wires so they do not short out or the motor(s) will act as a brake.
Tighten you v wheels and belts and test the motion now. it should be smooth and easy.
If you are still having shudder look to see if one of you v-wheels is too tight or bad. (sometimes the space washer in the V wheel is off and needs to be replaced).
Reconnect the motors and see how it is slow again.
The faster you move it the worse it gets. So the trick is to gently and slowly move the axis when the machine is off.