Problems with repeatability cutting gingerbread men

I am totally confused now, I have basically sent the exact same program to my xcarve from easel five times. Every time I send it I seem to get a different result.

First one I tried to do three in a row it just printed them on top of each other, the second one worked perfectly, the third one cut all the way through the material and the tabs, the fourth didn’t cut hardly anything, and the fifth one was doing great until it tried to do the interiors and it just randomly shifted down.

Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong.

looks like losing steps.
look at the section regarding steps and also go over calibration.
looks like your X axis is fine, your Y may be binding or doesn’t have enough power.

It just seems odd that there seems to be no sense of consistency, sometimes it cuts to shallow and sometimes it cuts too deep. I measured the wood with my digital calipers to insure the proper depth and I am rehoming the x carve the exact same way every time.

It only seems to mess up when the job is moving from one depth of cut to the other, for example it does the entire outside shape fine but then doesn’t start the second group of cuts at the proper location.

Really frustrating.

You’re definitely loosing steps on your rapids. Check the voltage calibration video.

I was actually just watching it. Yeah the rapid seems the most reasonable explanation.

Can you talk more about rapids and loss of steps? Based on context rapids have to do with transitioning from one place to another between cuts. It’s that correct?

Well rapids is the fastest the machine can move, on the xcarve 8000mm/m. Usually when not cutting the code uses rapids. If you look at the pictures, the cutting is not distorted, but offset between cuts, so that means that the rapids are loosing steps.

Gotcha. So slowing down rapids would be the solution?

No, the machine should rapid just fine, if it doesn’t is either the current getting to the motor is too low or the drivers are overheating.

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I agree that it should rapid fine but that seems to be the most likely culprit in this case, is there a way for me to edit the rapid speed in easel?

I would just need to do it temporarily, I have to get a project done before the weekend so I don’t really have time after work to mess around with recalibrating the voltage.

My last post in the consolidation thread I linked has the main things I did in your situation. I had to cut 25 picture frames. Doing those mods didn’t take very long but was very much worth it. In fact it will save you time and headache.

This is a link to my log of the project I mentioned. I logged my problems and solutions throughout the process. You may find some similarities during your own process and find out of some help.

Good luck!

You can change the rapid speeds, but it will not really solve your problems. These are your rapids:
$110=8000.000 (x max rate, mm/min)
$111=8000.000 (y max rate, mm/min)
$112=500.000 (z max rate, mm/min)

It just seems like if I matched the rapid rate to the standard rate it should alleviate the problem at least temporarily until I get a little extra free time to re calibrate.

Just to update I reduced the value for the $110 and $111, that solved the issue for now. Its definitely not going to win any land speed race but at least it is cutting appropriately.

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good to hear it will work as a temp solution.

I have a similar problem with the carriage moving to a new location. But It overshoots instead of losing distance. First try: fine, second try, partway in the spindle moved up and over 1 /4 inch too far on the y-axis, third try: it moved up and over 1.5 inches too far on the x-axis, fourth try: all OK. Do I try the same solution or not? Steps are not lost but somehow the cut is shifted outward in one direction. When cancelling the run the spindle moves back to a home position which now reflects that shift.

sounds like it still may be losing steps. I would try all of the remedies for step loss. doesn’t take much time to do and will eliminate that as a possibility.

also be sure to calibrate the steppers.