Problems with x, y, z axis

Hi, I am fairly new to cnc carving. I am having problems with my x,y,z axis moving more than they should. This has only been a problem for a few days. I have a Fox Alien 4040-xe and use Easel to run my machine. My x,y axis is moving 5mm when set to move only one. the z axis is also off. set it to move 10mm it moves 39mm. Is there a solution for this?

Hello @GregoryKezar,
Welcome to the forum! See if this video by Paw Paw’s Workshop helps you out. I imagine you will be up and running quickly after working through the necessary steps.

Here is another one if you do not want to watch the video.


Brandon R. Parker

Hi Brandon, the video helped a lot. The x,y, and z axis are spot on. Changing the settings slowed down my feed rate. Even trying to manual increase the rate it doesn’t seem to change the speed. Is there anything that I did that would have changed this?

Did you change $110, $111, or $112?

No, 100, 101, 102

Do the rest of your settings match the XE defaults??

I have a Fox Alien 4040XE and I’m not saying that it is, but, check your drive belts for the x and y axis’s. When I was new to this, I crashed the machine a couple of times and had the same problem with the x and y axis moving further than it was supposed to. When I checked the belts I noticed that the teeth had stretched out allowing the x and y to move further in different areas. I replaced all the belts and the machine was spot on. The Z axis has no belt so it probably is a calibration issue, but if you have crashed the machine, check the belts. FYI…Open Builds has a calibration feature in their gcode sender. Happy Carving!

Thank you Seth! I will check them when I get home.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I checked the belts and they still look good. I am pretty sure that the problems are with the g code. The x,y, z acis setting weren’t even close.

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Thank you very much for all the help!!! I am back up and running!! Possibility better than before!!


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