Project starts on wrong area of wood (x-carve)

I move the router to the position where I want to be the home position. When it starts to carve, it moves about half way to where it should be moving. I had carved 4-5 things prior to this happening.

I’m not sure if the home position was changed or why it won’t carve where it is supposed to. I’ve ever had this issue.

I turned off my laptop and machine completely and let it sit overnight. I tried again today and the issue is the same. I opened a new file from easel after restarting and same issue. I checked all the wires and connections and they are all connected properly.

It seems like the home position isn’t registering correctly. Not sure if I need to reset my machine or something like that?

I added pictures to show where it starts and were it goes to and where it should start.

Any help would be great.

Are you using easel? If so try the simulate button in upper right and see if it start in the right place. That will at least tell you if its design or machine.

I am using easel I looked at the simulator and it should be starting much higher.

Well that sounds like the zero on the design is off, I have had that happen. Sometimes clicking around with the mouse things move with out being noticed. Good thing is it doesn’t sound like a machine problem

I think the machine is fine. I was using it a few hours earlier with no issue. The text is from an SVG file, but that shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll have to play around. It seems the home position is about 1.5 inches off.

Is there a hard reset of the machine I could do?

I think there is, not sure where. I have only ever had turn the power off and back on. I still think it is a design thing if you want to pm me the file I can look at it.

Not sure if I did this right. Never shared a file.

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Well now I am stumped, I assume when you start he carve you are resetting the zero. If so then shut the power off completely, the try doing the machine setup again in easel.

I manually reset the position to where I want it to start. Is there a different way to reset the zero?

I usually use my hands to move the machine. I don’t usually use the up/down and left/right buttons. I only move the machine when it’s not on and it slides easily.

not in easel, Only when the carve starts and you answer all the questions. Well you could move the work piece so the zero wasn’t in the corner

How do I do that? I’ve never moved it in easel.

you should have to, to make it start in the right place. Maybe Phil has an Idea of why it its not starting in the right spot. The file looks right,

I don’t start the project in the bottom left corner. I move it in and up a little bit. Not sure why that would matter as I always try to have the piece in the middle of the waste board area.

I don’t have the homing switches. I think I’ll try another file and see where it starts out. I’ll stop moving by hand as well. I guess worse case just start over with a test cut and see if that works.

Thank you that helps to clarify.

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Yes, correct. I"ll play around later today and see what happens

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Thank you both for responding. This community is so great.

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Not sure I totally follow. I put my material a few inches in from the bottom left corner and have for some time. Do you think I need to put it at the bottom left on the waste board?