Project too big for x-carve! help!

so i am currently building a sword for my wifes halloween costume and my sword is too large for my x-carve. I designed the sword using fusion 360 just because trying to use pure easle was not user friendly to me. is there a way i can cut the project up in 2 components without having to re-design the entire prodject??

Use the search function. There are a number of answers to this.

My issue is I can’t find them

Search for “tile”

Here is one thread on the topic

and I find the google search will find alot more than the forum search but this topic was brought up a few days ago and it was about the same thing

I am working on a sign now that is 29”x 55”. I am working on breaking it down into small pieces. The sign will slide on a stationary fence on the y axis to keep everything straight


You didn’t say what size X-Carve you have or the size of the sword. As others have mentioned, you could try to tile it, but another way is to turn it 45 degrees and see if you can cut it corner to corner. On a 1000mm X-Carve, you should be able to cut something that is about 45" long that way.

I am using 1000 mm x-carve but I have designed a sword about 62 inches long. I am just using Manual tiling though I wish Easel had that feature!!