Projects - Search Function

Now that there seem to be a lot more projects in the projects section of the site, can we get a search function for them? If it already exists sorry. Can’t seem to find it.



I was talking about this the other day with @chrisbalin. We were discussing how we should categorize or tag the products.

How would you want to search the projects?

By name? Bit size required? Materials required? Level of complexity? Time? Technique?

Were you thinking a faceted search?

I’d love to hear more about what you were hoping to get out of it.

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What about having the technical details for each project tagged to it, so when you search for say “walnut, box, 1/8” you would find projects that matched your search?


Which details are important to you to have tagged?

Off the top of my head…material, bit type, skill level, and then maybe have a way to add tags to your project, like kitchen, tools, art or whatever.

For me, just a keyword search type function. So if all projects are indexed we could search for just about anything, from material to item description.

I think skill level, bit size/type and general descriptive tags for each project. Material doesn’t necessarily matter since it can be swapped around.

Carving time would be nice, especially if a range was given (0-30 min, 30-60 min, 1-2 hr, etc.)

It may not hurt to include which tool (300W spindle, DW611, etc.) was used, as well as which program was used. No need to be looking at projects that were made in V-Carve if I only have Easel.

Yes, yes, yes. I came across charging station and lamp stand inspirations for a project I want to create, but had no way of finding them except via the “Happenings” email I receive. For any search ability, tags/keyword are mandatory. Like RobertA_Rieke said, skill level and bit size/type categories are also important. I would add that machine size is important, too.

I’d be happy to be able to search by the name of the project. In my opinion, being able to share Easel projects is worthless if the only way someone can find them is if you provide them the link somewhere.