Projects? What do you want to make with your X-Carve?

Where does the math come in, seems like a straight fwd Solidworks project. Of cause I know nothing about audio :smile:

your daily dose of acoustic engendering :wink:

This is how Bose get pretty good sound out of small speakers… Looks like a great job to tinker with in your coming X-Carve. :smile:

indeed. i have afew designs and MDF is cheap. speaker i’m planning on using is a 4" full range swan driver even if i make afew versions it wont be very expensive for a fun project. my desk will thank me at any regard :wink:

Hey Zach I took your advice. With this machine i plan on starting a new business venture. Most of what i will be doing will be furniture with carving in them. One of the first ones that i will be doing is the table from S.O.A. I have the reaper all set up and ready to go so what i plan to do is glue the center boards for the carving to go on and then once that is complete i will finish putting the dining room table together and stain it. Followed by a lot of liquid glass to completely cover the top. My mother wants a coffee table with the last supper in the middle of it done the same way. Also i will be building mantel piece clocks along with a lot other things. Once i have a few things made i will post my website with the completed projects so that anyone that wishes to see them can do so freely. And if I am lucky maybe place a few orders…

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I am looking forward to cutting some of the more time-consuming clockworks for wooden gear clocks. Along with wall art and crafty items, I love making clocks. My favorites to craft are the all wood, weight driven ones like these:

Currently, I use the scroll saw for all of my gear cutting, but I’m hoping the x-carve will give me an accuracy bump that will cut down on post-production adjustments.



Both the wife and I will be using our X-Carve.

She will be mainly using it to cut out copper shapes from sheet stock for her jewellery business. Assuming tests bear out the accuracy it will also be used for engraving. Also be looking to use it for the application or removal of resist for electro-etching of copper, again for her jewellery.

I’ll be using it for general woodworking mainly. Cutting things like plywood/fibreglass/CF sheet to produce things like battery trays for RC aircraft/boats and fins, bulkheads and motor mounts for model rockets. I’m especially interested in producing front panels for home built synthesizers and stands for such instruments. And to that end, building the chassis and PCBs for same.

I’m sure I’ll use it for 100s of other things once I get a good handle on the possibilities and that is the really exciting bit. :smile:




These look like some super cool projects people have got going :slight_smile: I’m going to start probably with some simple boxes too. Maybe make a bunch of gifts for the family for practice. I love some of the inlay stuff I’ve seen, I’ll probably end up putting inlays in every piece of furniture I can! Go inlay crazy!! Also PCBs, I indulge in many electronics projects and often hit a wall when it comes to custom circuitry; being able to make high quality PCBs at home will be so helpful and save so much time and money!
I hope one day to sell my creations but until I find something novel and profitable I will just be taking on personal projects for fun :smiley:


How did that work out for you as I’m considering doing a few myself. How do you import jpegs/png’s to easel. I’m also in Ireland

Use the image trace feature in the import menu

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