Proper settings

I have these 2 blanks… I have been in and out of easel and haven’t found anything for me to be able to set the machine to… I am new and still learning… just wanting your guys tips so I can carve these bad boys.

What are you wanting to set?

What I am seeing on Easel… or better yet when I put a design in easel, the checkered line going across for the x and y setting is square… however, as the picture I posted, these pieces are not square… I was just wondering if there was something I can do to set it to these shapes… mainly the circular one… the other one, I think I got figured out

In Easel you don’t have to set any sizes except thickness really.
If you want to set a X/Y size use the overall size, say your round material is 10" in diameter just specify 10x10"

As long as your design is centred and fit the material you have, and your work zero is at material center you are good to go.

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Haldor has the right of it. Watch the videos in this post for more on xentering …

Awesome… Thanks!!!