PWM Connector on XCP

Hello, I am trying to find put if the X-Carve Pro control board pictured below has a PWM connection on it.
In the lower right corner of the picture, there is a 4 wire plug and the white/yellow wire is what I believe is an analog connection to the spindle controller. I would like to find out if there is a PWM connection on this or anywhere else in the control box of the XCP.
Thanks a lot,.

I think this thread has the info you need:

Yes, I have read that thread, apparently there is a difference between the analog voltage output from the board (leading to the AI1 pin on the spindle controller) and an actual PWM output.
This is relatively new to me, so I may have bad information.

There is no analog output on the controller. It uses PWM to approximate an analog out.

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Got it, That helps a lot. Thanks for the info.

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