RC plane parts

hello,is there a way to scan rc airplane planes into easel.

is there a way to practice drawing on easel.i’m building a CNC machine

ok,i’m not to computer savy,

where is the image trace at

i found it

If you’re interested in aircraft models, you may find some of the programs listed at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable of interest.

For designing a CNC machine, if you use Windows you may find GrblGru’s MachineDesigner of interest: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

fantastic,ty much

hey Will do u know if the site can do wooden wing ribs

There is an App within Easel that generate wing ribs.

Open Easel, click “Apps” icon, choose “Other”

i saw that but i have no idea how to draw with it.i found one on the internet but ofcourse it is not a free one

I would suggest you spend a little time getting to know Easel.
A lot of the “how” is pretty basic once you comprehend the work flow.

RC plans are basically 2D plots, you can scan/convert easily but most conversions need to be cleaned up in order to have a good set of parts. (symmetry, slot width etc)

can i draw on it without having a machine hooked up to

Yes, machine connected is optional.

ok,i have not even built it yet

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I believe that you could use EDIT: NOT flatfabfactory com INSTEAD USE: http://flatfab.com/ for that — if not, well, isn’t that something of the artistry of model-building?

(though I can remember as a kid, older friends going to the library and meticulously measuring aircraft blueprints to get the measurements for wing and other aircraft internals for scratch-built opened up / mid-repair aircraft dioramas.

ok i’ll look that up,ty

Hey Will that web page does not come up.

My apologies. drat that uncertain organic memory:


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oh it’s no biggy at all,ty again

oh kool