Recalibration help

I spent the day yesterday trying to cut acrylic. Whelp, now my machine isn’t happy… I noticed an issue when i tried to cut some small circle pockets in some maple. So this morning i did a square circle triangle test and the circle is just not right at all. Im going to go through and check everything but i figured i would post a photo and see if anyone could tell me whats going on. HAAAAALP!!

Check your belts. Also look for plastic debris in your wheels or on your maker slide.
See if one side of your Y axis is dragging a bit more than the other
That “lopsided circle” shape is really common thing for my 3d printer to do. Usually caused by one of the dual axis belts being loose.

I skimmed over your earlier posts, not sure if you’ve done it or not but you might turn up the voltage for the y-axis on your grbl/gshield a little bit, that’s become my default recommendation anytime someone’s noticing wonky cuts.

i checked everything, tightened the belts, cleaned the rails, and adjusted all the eccentric nuts, no luck

i have not done that. I’m not sure how to do that either. I’m still new to the world of cnc’s

So i found out how to adjust the voltage. I also found that the Y axis was off a bit. Adjusted it i thought and then did a series of circles test… Not the best results. What is going on?

How deep a cut are you taking? size of bit? feedrate? spindle type?

its not any of that. .05 pass 30ipm single flute spiral stock spindle.

I would give it a little more bump in power…gently.

both x and y?

at least the y axis…maybe x but not much in the x

i already did the y 45 degrees clockwise

and you are sure everything is tight? eccentric nuts, belts

how are your belts attached? the standard way? might be slipping

at the position it is in right now the left side of the machine is 3.080 from the front, and the right side is 2.862 from the front… i’ve tried to shift them back into square but it gets off again once i start controlling it… i don’t know how to get the play out of the cross rail…

nope, flipped so the teeth bite and taped

i’ve tightened the belts and everything i can think of

Do you have 1000mm or 500 machine. Shouldn’t have play like that… Is everything tightened to the spoil board?

Recheck the wires to the y axis motors… If one is loose and stuttering it will shift it out of square.

it sounds fine, its not stuttering. i have a 1000, im going to check all the connections to the spoil board and the wires.