Relief cut outs

I need a favor from someone. I am trying to do a project for a friend and I need a relief cut out of a Kimber 1911 and a Springfield XDS .45. I don’t have any 3D program to make the relief .SVG so I am wondering if someone could make the .SVG file and send it to me.

I have inkscape but I am not sure if there is a way to do relief cuts with that program, if inkscape can handle this can someone point me to a tutorial.

thanks in advance

My $2K program (Aspire) works just fine for 3D.

I was really hoping one of the masters (you guys) had some magical way of doing this simply…ha ha guess not. thanks for the help, I will look and see if I can find the model of the two pistols.

Cutting reliefs do not necessarily need any 3D modeling software. An image to gcode software program like our PicLaser or PicEngrave can create the 3D spindle relief gcode file from a depth map grayscale image.

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Hi Cole, what are you trying to make exactly? If you’re just cutting a pocket in foam you may only need the profile shape and could cut it using Easel. If you need a rough 3D shape you may be able to find a 3D file and then use a program to create the set-up. If you need a highly detailed 3D part milled out I’m not sure how you’d get a 3D file without the manufacturers data or a high quality scan.

Give us an idea what you’re trying to make and I’m sure we can help you out.

Did you even read the OP’s questions? Considering his thread description “Relief cut outs” I took it as he wanted to cut out a gun shape in something. Even if he used a gun silhouette image to generate the gcode, that could be considered a depth map image if the shades were created properly. I was offering him a simple & easy option instead of using complicated 3D modeling software.

Instead of arguing with my statements, why don’t you do something constructive to help the OP?


yea, so I am just trying to cut out a pocket in wood that will hold the pistol but the more I read what you guys are writing I am thinking I can just cut out the shape and use the “negative” shape to hold the pistol.

off subject. If I buy he Vcarve program, how hard is it to learn? I don’t feel like spending 700 and not be able to figure it out.

You can do that in Easel with a silhouette image.


I have V carve desktop and its very intuitive.
If I can do it anybody can.

A pocket is 2D. but if a black & white image is blurred, it adds grayscale to it, so a 3D relief gcode can be created from it with an image to gcode program.

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I am making a coin holder for my friend (requested from his wife for fathers day). the coin rack will be an American flag and the stars will open up to a hidden compartment for his pistols. this I kind of what I had in mind, but I am thinking about not doing the pistol cut outs and just letting him make it how he wants it


if I was to get the vcare desktop why not just get pro from the start?

the example you provide for the pistol part can easily be cut doing 2.5D, or even 2D operations, i.e. simple cutouts. Depending on the type of foam you’ll use I’m not sure a cnc mill is the best tool for the job. There’s also a hot wire cutter or even a simple knife to consider. But if the foam is dense enough maybe an Xcarve could work too.

You can also mill the pockets in wood and line with foam or felt.

Just google the model gun you want in silhouette. Convert the image to vector (search for topics on that, there are plenty) and cut with easel.

I’m not a gun lover myself, but it looks like a nice project!

btw pep5, none of that made any sense, but nice try.

If you want to find out how intuitive V-carve is for you, I suggest going to their website and downloading their Trial versions. These versions allow you to do everything except generate the gcode for your files - all vector and tool path generation, rendering of preview images, and file operations. If you decide you like it and buy a full version, all work you have done in the trial version can be used with the full version.

The trial versions do include a limited number of projects that you can tweak and carve yourself to get a feel for that side of it.

I have played around with it enough to know that I like it, now I am working on putting the money aside to buy it.

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the only one that looks enticing is there is no size limit but other than that not really.

thanks for the info, I will the trial version and check it out

The only size limit on the Desktop version is in the “tile size” you can make. You can design a bigger project and cut it in sections.

ok now after change number 50 of my design I am starting to make this coin holder. I need a little help with the stars that will be secured to the blue (died oak). I am going to cut the stars out of maple using the xcarve, I am using vcarve desktop. so first thing is, dose anyone know where I can download a good 2.5D five point star that would be a good representation of the star on the flag. Two, is there a special file type I need to use with vcarve that will transfer to easel?

Why not make it easy on yourself. Michael’s has bagfuls of wood stars of different sizes. Instead of putting wear and tear on your X Carve (not to mention your mind), just get a bagful.