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Remove small dashes

How to remove the small dashes in the crave, marked by blue tape

This is carved on Walnut live edge

Hi William, These would have been present in the preview pane. (always check the preview & Simulation before carving) … These missing portions are a result of selecting a bit that is too large to fit into the Text based on the size of the text. There are a number opt options to resolve: either use larger size font, a different font without narrow sections, or a smaller bit (V-Bits work best for Text)

If you have not moved your project you can carve it again with a smaller bit. The suggestion above is excellent

Another tip prior to starting the carving process is to hit the Simulate button and then the vertical ellipsis. Uncheck the “Toolpaths” checkbox and check the “Uncut Areas” checkbox. This will show you all the areas the current bit/bits combination cannot get to due to their size being too large.

Here is what it would look like:

Also, as mentioned by @PhillipLunsford, if you have not moved the stock then you can recarve with a smaller bit that fits into those positions. You would just Home the machine after powering it up if you have turned it off and then use the previous Work Home (Zero) position when Easel asks.
This might do well or it might not based on the accuracy of the bit sizes you are using vs. what you input into Easel. This is why I always measure every single bit that I use with calipers.

Feel free to post more if you need further assistance. I could even jump on a chat or video stream at some point to help if needed.


Brandon Parker

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