Repeatable Easy Zero point

I have had to carve scores of similar items, and I have devised a simple way to zero multiple pieces -
I set up my work with a .002 deep dot just slightly larger that the bit. Such as .130 for a .125 bit with the center of this dot on x and y zero.
Then my carved pattern is slightly positive of this x-y mark.
If I need to do a recarve or touchup, I simply align the piece to a true horizontal and vertical on the waste board, and then set my bit on the z dot, and I am ready to go!!
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Wouldn’t a bump stop be easier?


I am not familiar with the term bump stop?
Please define?

Hi Martin, Here is a video about it: Bump Stop Video

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Thank you.
The advantage with my system, is that the piece not be rectangular or even all the same size. Only the one reference point is needed to get a repeatable pattern.
I will post a picture later.
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