Rhinocam guide

step 1. go to the following link and download the x-carve grbl post processor (right click and save as)


step 2
locate your post processor files directory

step 3
go to your post processor directory and place the downloaded file there.

step 4
set your post processor by clicking post from machine setup, or post under machining job.

step 4
select the drop down by current post processor and select “X-carve GRBL”

step 5
press edit next to the “current post processor” drop down

step 6
select the units you are working in.

step 7
generate your nc file and send it out to UGCS or other grbl friendly machine talking to software.

(next step is to be able to use the code with easel) (note, I haven’t tested it yet other than importing the code and make sure it visualizes properly)

these instructions are from Zach_Kaplan (Thanks Zach!)

go to CAM preferences from the machining browser and then select output
arcs as linear segments. (refer to screen shot below). Regenerate
toolpaths before post processing. Toolpath display for arcs is in Dark
Blue & linear motions in Turquoise color.

I’ve done a 8-hour 3D cut today and the post processor didn’t disappoint.

There is one more specific set of circumstances that I now want to test out, which always failed with the mach3 post.
I’m curious whether it holds up.

Awesome! Let us know how it turns out.

HI, I’m starting with rhino cam and universal gcode sender, only one problem anyone knows how to import or successfully set up the machine, it look like my Z axis is extremely high even when i change the specs on the machine

Make sure to set up with easel first. Be sure to select the correct z axis screw. Acme vs the other.