Run Carvey without Easel

I’m trying to cut some deep parts and there isn’t an option in Easel to cut an outer perimeter over one bit width, so I created gcode in JSCut, and manually added the carvey specific start/end code. It’s 30MB

I’m running off a Compute Stick (32-bit) so I can’t use Chilipeppr (too much memory used with my 30MB gcode)

I can’t load the gcode into Easel and run it because IE reloads the page, firefox is too slow, and chrome crashes.

I can’t use Universal Gcode Sender (worst name ever) because the hello message is gCarvin 1.1.5. ( Source code to gCarvin/grbl? ran into other issues )

What should I do?

You may run into the same problem, but you could try the program below. If worst comes to worst the source code for this sender appears to be available. Download link is bad try here: