Running z-stage with 1/8 micro-stepping, and I like it

My z-stage had been making some strange sounds, seemed to be once per rev of the ACME screw. I figured the z-stage bearing was going out. While troubleshooting, I tried 1/8 micro-stepping for z. I like it! The odd grinding sounds are gone, it seems fast, strong, and accuracy is as good or better. I carve primarily contoured surfaces.

Am I missing something? Why does Inventables recommend running the z-stage stepper at 1/2 micro-stepping?

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You get reduced torque at higher micro-stepping rates.

And reduced torque is no problem for the z-stage because of the mechanical advantage of the screw! Like I said, can’t understand the rational for recommending 1/2 micro-stepping for z.

How do you change the setting? I’d like to try it.

Must change two things. (1) the DIP switches on the stepper driver board and (2) the GRBL parameter $102.

I too kinda get the wah-wah sound as my z turns.

More specific info is needed.

Which dip switches? Not to be confused with the dip STICK running the thing.

And what is the setting needed for $102?

I use XController. The settings for the switches are labeled right on the board. Not sure how to do it with gShield. Perhaps someone else can advise.

Here’s the wiki page for GRBL parameter $102. If you change from 1/2 microstepping to 1/8 microstepping, then your $102 value should be changed to four times what it was.

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Maybe this will help


From the /synthetos/grblShield/wiki/