Safe Travel Height and End of Carve NOT to 0,0

Well I never PLAN to hit a clamp, but it’s not the easiest to plot out and losing the tip off of v bits is expensive and often ruins the next run on a project.

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Jeff, when you generate the tool paths, you can determine the initial travel vector (0,0 -> first z-plunge) and also the final travel vector (final z-rise -> 0,0) and make that travel height what we are talking about (eg. > 0.5" or perhaps even the homed Z-Axis machine zero!)

We don’t want to use the saftey height when travelling between plunges during the process of a carve itself, but are wanting to set the height on the intial jog and final jog. Easel tends to calculate the intial and final jog path at very shallow angles relative to the x,y axis to outermost points of a carve. (Which is perfectly fine BTW). The issue this creates it blowing through clamps (including the ones you sell with your machine) that are nowhere to shallow enough to be out of the way.

Yes we get that, but from a software perspective: creating an additional variable in the functions that generate Easel’s g-code shouldn’t be that big of an ask. The variable doesn’t even have to be user-editable, just make the value the Z-Axis machine zero point and set that as the z-height for the intial, and final jog. You would solve the problem easily, save a ton of clamps, and add only fractions of a second to the total carve time.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your feedback. I understand what you are looking for, and as I mentioned in a previous message on this thread, we might look into adding support for that in the future.


so did you add this to easel yet?

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they want us to buy more clamps.

Actually sounds like some people are setting their Z axis at wasteboard height rather than TOP OF workpiece height if the spindle is traversing so low to 0,0.
I set mine to 10mm to miss my clamps though Easel has nasty tendency to reset advanced edited settings to default value randomly without notice.

No, we aren’t.

The second safety height option is now available, per Origin Safety Height