Same precision after replacing a belt on the Y-axis

Hello, i’m a dutch guy who bought a x-carve. After a few months the left belt of the y-axis broke. I replaced both. When i’m carving a product that i also carved before it is about 1,3 % bigger on the y-axis then before. How is that possible and how can i get right again?

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Hans van Bremen

  1. Make sure the belts are the correct and same tension as each other (plenty of info on search).
  2. Be sure you are not losing steps (too tight/loose)
  3. Measure how far the y axis travels when you tell it to go e.g. 200mm (I use digital calipers carefully, it’s easy to trap your fingers so don’t hold them by hand)
  4. Use the answer from 3. to adjust your grbl $101 value

You can do the same for your X and Z if you haven’t already.

Thnx, do i calculate it this way [$101(value now)/(distance made/distance ordered)? For example 40/(304/300)= 39.4736

A quick search turned this up: Stepper motor calibration calculator

There are several ways to accomplish this. But, you are headed in the right direction.

Yes, that is exactly the calculation. Let us know how you get on.

I solved the problem by making the belts exact the same length. Then i put the motors on the same distance to the border of the board and i put the belt on the motor. Then i put the power on the motors and run the distance of 700 mm over the board through the x- and y axis. Over the x-axis was the difference 5.12 mm and over the y-axis 11 mm.

So i made the following calculations:
$ 100 = 40.000 / (705.12/700) = 39.709
$ 101 = 40.000 / (711/700) = 39.381

This new numbers i put in the GRBL code of the machine and now it works very well.

Thanx for the cooperation.

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