Samples of my cnc carve

This samples I did last day,it take a long time to do this type of carving in easel,about 8 hours or more,my spindle became hot.I am happy with this results, I hope to carve 3d ,I Ned free sample and which program I have to use.


Download the free version of Vcarve, the free version will allow you to carve some of the 3D files in their library.

You will also need a copy of Universal Gcode Sender to send the gcode file created from Vcarve to your machine.


I have vcarve pro ,is it OK for 3d carve, also I had universal gcode sender,but last time I had some problems with gcode ,when I start carve it is good ,but after a while, it was be unresponse.

Some people have found that bCNC works well w/ large G-code files:

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You can also try PicSender from
It is designed to send millions of line of code. Yes I said millions! :smile:

I personally use it and so does a lot of other XC users.
The authors are regular visitors and contributors to the forum so they are always available to answer questions.


is this program free? i search thier web site , i see only video.

can you tell me how to use it with windows 8

Pic sender is commercial.

To use bCNC:

  • install Python
  • install the program dependencies
  • download and unzip bCNC to somewhere convenient
  • run the .bat file
  • select the correct COM port and connect

i install python
what you mean install the program dependencies
i do not find .bat file

Here is the link to the program
It is not free but worth every penny of the $14.95. You can download a trial version.
As I said, John and Jeff are always available to help out. They respond quickly to all questions. This level of support is well worth the cost the program.


You probably need to install pyserial:

If you look in the unzipped archive, there should be a batch file:

can you send to me the steps how to install bcnc

if i want to know more about this program , do you have a web site explaining this program?
the demo said will crave a half of my file, so i have to buy it.

My notes on this are on the ShapeOko wiki. I posted all the steps above.

thanks willAdams for your help

To use bCNC:

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Hello WillAdams
i bought pic sender , but i do not know how it is work, i cannot joging, i use 115200, can you tell me what steps i can do to set the zero for machine, and send my file , you know that my machine is xcarve, so what i set up in the program,
grbl z code or grbl pwm code

Set it GRBL Z Code. You need to set the startup blocks in grbl for the units & feedrate for jogging. Type in $N0=G20 for inch units or $N0=G21 for metric units in the Do Cmd. window and select the Do Cmd button.Then type in $N1=F30 for 30IPM for an inch unit jogging feedrate, or $N1=F762 for a metric jogging feedrate and then select the Do Cmd button.

Make sure you set Use Safe Z with a retract distance so if you Cancel a job, your Z will retract first before the X&Y axis’s travels back to your work zeros.


for z safe how is the value i put

Just a safe distance from your Z zero above your material & clamps.

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