Screw Drive Upgrade Kit

4 times the accuracy but 1/4 speed on rapids.
And huge improvement on stiffness not even counting my bachlash nut was not adjusted and my plates were mdf.
I see chatter reduction no backlash and cut speed increase which I think makes up for the slower rapids. Screws are inherently slower but far more accurate and stiffer which is why I want them.

Soooo there seems to be a debate over providing files for money so I prob won’t be doing that.
And someone pointed out to me quite accurately that a full kit will be cheaper because I’m placing large quantity orders and that will then save my customers more money then them sourcing it.
Also any change in material thickness will break the entire design. BADLY! Ask me how I know!
But I really want to keep the price as low down as possible so I may be doing orders in a few different ways.
1st method is one huge shipment of first batch orders saving everyone money. Then consecutive orders will be regular price. However it will increase lead time by a large margin. People will have to agree to the base price first and then the final savings price will be announced before order is placed. I’m hoping people see savings of up to 25% or more.
2nd method will be smaller batches of orders every certain period of time and how ever many join in that period saves them all money. Making slightly shorter lead times then big orders but smaller savings.
3rd way is each order will be regular price with regular lead time.
Shipping will be per order.
And custom orders of heights and extra holes for extra rails will be accepted but I will apply the same rules since a lot of people want to add extra height to their machines.
Kit will come for each size machine so people will be to provide that info.

Four Bolt square Flange Pillow Block Ball Bearing UCF208

the travel is 3/8’’ per turn
belt is 1.5’’ per turn.
so i did some rough math and without changing settings it will be about 1/4 speed.
not familiar with all the $$ settings… only the steps/mm. ($100-$102)

i did consider it but for simplicity i wanted all the plates the same and less holes means less manufacturing cost and the mounting will interfere with the rails the gantry and or the motor…

not sure what u mean.

is it even worth it?

lose steps with acme?
moving the plate with acme is super difficult without the motors even attached.
making manual movement difficult but also keeping position more accurately.

English Please? :grin:

what i mean about difficult is just pushing the plate by hand is hard. but turning the screw goes like butter…

How does it lose steps?

I didnt understand it either. Foud this to be very helpful

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Interested, price determines it in the end of course…

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A machinist, I most certainly am not. So these terms, and the afflictions of machining are all very new to me. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge you guys share.

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So what’s ur ideal price range? High and low?

I would be interested in this upgrade as well.

Very interested, I considered trying this, but haven’t had the time to dedicate to it. Glad to see someone is working out the details.

So far only issues I found were from operator errors.
Like pushing a .25 4 flute through 1/2" aluminum without checking that the mister was on!
On the down spiral it worked fine but at 50ipm pocketing cut with a doc of .4 it was also fine until the flutes got clogged from a lack of lube/coolant. (The chips coming off were huge and amazing not the tiny needles I was used to!)
The whole gantry froze and the steppers yelled/buzzed at me. I hit the panic and checked over everything. The 23 motors are very strong, but not strong enough to damage or even strip the acme nut blocks.
The only adjustment I needed to do was on the z. The c-beam eccentrics got loose so all I did was readjust and 10 min later I’m back at making chips!

Anyone else have any ideas how to measure accuracy or repeatability that I haven’t checked yet?

Yupp she crashed but it’s my fault because I forgot to lube her up as I spiraled in. :hugs:

Definitely interested!! Keep up the great work, @Phantomm!

@Phantomm Are you also going to incorporate taller X plates in your design? Or can it be an option?
And are we going to need to upgrade our stepper motors to stronger ones?

Very impressed so far and looking forward to it. Any update on the timeframe?