Screw Drive Upgrade Kit

Kit will be released for sale soon.
It will replace the y plates and gantry plates and convert to screw drive. Parts list will be supplied. Most will be included.
Custom orders (and heights/hole requests) will be accepted. However since I’m sourcing materials and parts, for now I’m only placing one large order to keep costs down.
Since prototyping is still underway and testing must continue, release is not guaranteed for a little bit of time.
Inquiries will be accepted however money will not until i am sure its perfect.
After official release first come first serve.
This thread is to gauge interest and potential pricing points.
Have at it people!


Can you put up a picture of the Y-Axis endplates as well?

Interested. Price will be the qualifier.

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Can you show pictures of the Motor mounts as well?

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I think that says it all.


What are the benefits of going this route over the belts?

This is fantastic! How practical would it be for the 1000mm version?

I’m on the 1000mm

Should solve a lot of backlash issues and some of the aluminum milling “walking” issue.

Forgot. Too late now. It’s still in Dev. And it needs some more smoothing over before its final. Will post when I can. This is a side project to make some money and help at the same time.

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I am very interested… :slight_smile:

Final price will be affected by group size of final purchase.
So far I haven’t decided how to deal with the second side of the product. I designed it around parts that are available online, a $200 cost about.
The plates are the more expensive part of the kit. I may price it anywhere from $246.27 to $348.12 depending on how many orders. It’s .25" aluminum plates. Super stiff and I’m adding (extra holes) for extra wheels to be added to the gantry.

I might be interested if it falls anywhere near the lower price point.

To the sages here, will screw whip be an issue with a 1000mm setup like this?

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What were you thinking would all be included for that range? And I totally get that you are just ball parking this right now.

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Everything! U may need some longer screws for attaching the rails to the thicker plates cuz I initially used my own screws to do that so if anyone can confirm the need for longer screws I can add it to the price.

I’m afraid it’s possible simply because my testing in incomplete and the rods def are a little tiny bit flexible. However is there a method I can use to check?

Thanks @PhilJohnson. U always put my mind at ease! :heart::heart::heart:

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Of course price is always a huge deciding factor but I really like this so far. Would be huge improvement over the belts and improve overall accuracy.

So, i guess now it’s just a matter of cost? What would be the chance of having more than one Tier, price-wise? example…

one price for the complete(mostly) kit with all the end plates and such, and a second price for all the loose parts, and a downloadable, proprietary file for people to cut their own end plates?

there would be a snag or two if someone went crazy and build all the plates 2" thick, but .125-.375" stuff would be easy enough to accomodate with different screw lengths…

yes, the price would be lower, but so would your materials costs, lead times etc…

just my $.02