Secondary cut Easel Pro Question

I have been doing a roughing cut and a detail cut. I also remember seeing the ability to add an entirely new design to the design you are working on in the same project (small box at the bottom of Easel Pro - left hand side).

In this case I want to do the roughing cut, the detail cut (60 degree) and then a super detailed cut (15 degree vbit) on two small emblems. I just want to delete out the clock, etc and do the 15 degree cut on the 2nd instance… Make sense?

I think this would save a ton of time.


The way I’ve done it is set everything you dont want to carve at the zero level so it cant be seen

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What you are describing will not work. If you use a 60 degree bit, and then use a 15 degree bit, the material that the 15 degree bit would remove will already be gone. I would just set your 15 degree as the detail bit and go to town.

Try simulating it.

Brain is working backwards, does that sometimes. I was thinking of the points being in the same locations rather than the ‘shoulders’.

That being said, it looks as though you would open yourself up to creating ridges and things in the bottoms of pockets where the 15 degree bit would run the detail.

With the settings in the project, 1/8" and 60 degree shows 4 hours, 1/8" and 15 degree shows 13 hours.

There isn’t a way to set the roughing bit as a v bit and then add a second v bit as a detail bit.

The way Easel works right now it will remove any areas with the larger but first and then come back for the smaller bit.

I’ve never tried it with 2 V-Bits. I’m not sure what would happen.

It will not allow you to set a V-bit as a roughing bit and then add a detail bit. Just attempted that as well.

The way I would do this is to first duplicate the workpiece (using the “Duplicate” option from the workpiece menu in the drawer at the bottom). All objects will be in the same location on both workpieces. Then, on the first workpiece, delete the emblems. On the second workpiece, delete everything but the emblems and set the bit to be the 15 degree V bit. Then you can carve each workpiece separately.


Not seeing that drawer at the bottom…


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I have no drop down. I hover, I left and right click and nadda.

Found it. Way left bottom.

Cool. When using this approach be sure that you have finished making design changes first. If you move something or resize it on one workpiece, it will not be adjusted on the other workpiece.

Copy. Is the issue I reported this weekend resolved with my carves?

Not yet. @Ruwan will be giving you an update on that shortly.

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Hi @PaulRinguette,
We are working on it at the moment. I will update you when we identify a fix.
Thank you.

Hi @PaulRinguette,

We have identified a fix. It is going through the review process. I will update as soon as it is deployed.

Thank you


Hi @PaulRinguette,

The fix is deployed. Could you please check?

Thank you


Wow! Awesome guys, this is how the forum should work!!!

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Can’t fully check until I load up and run the carve again. I will do a test carve first. What is that pink material or blue material at Home Depot that is cheap?

I’d rather not buy MDF.

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