Shapeoko 2 to Carve Upgrades

I have a a SO2. I am considering the upgrade to the XCarve.

If I am going to disassemble the thing, I was thinking about other upgrades that make sense to do at the same time. I have some Nema 23s sitting around. So, there’s the thought of using them.

Should I upgrade the Z Axis to Acme? Or linear rail from Ebay?

I was thinking of upgrading the Y axis to 1000mm.

Beyond things like touch plates or other after assembly add-ons, what should I do to stiffen it up?


  • Y axis supports are a must for 1000 mm (Use your old S02 Y plates and turn them into braces)
  • Bind the X axis rails together (use bolts or steel between them)
  • Z axis ACME rod is a nice simply upgrade
  • Limit Switches
  • Spindle Relay
  • LED lights along the rails!

If you do not have a good dust shoe and dust collection system, you should start looking too add them.

When you say using steel the plates. I am good with that. Is there a recommended type?

I have limit switches already, I ordered the ACME thread. I am using a DWP611, so I ordered that mount.

As for a dust shoe, I am printing one out as soon as I get some replacement parts for my 3D printer.

As for the LED lights… Why, beyond the “because I can” factor. I am also thinking of getting another RPi and setting up a camera mount when I move the manchine to the garage from my office. Then I can view the progress without being “onsite” the entire time. And not have to hear the machine going on in my office.

This method uses steel:

This method uses bolts: