She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid

New clock I’m working on!


What a sweet idea, making it into a clock!


More pics fresh off the cnc!!


I bet she can do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs!!! :sunglasses:

BTW, Greedo shot first…


Is that MDF? if not what material? The mdf I get here in my area is terrible for v carving anything with small details. I have been trying to make one one of those star wars aztec calendar deals with absolutely no luck, all the little fine details keep breaking / chipping away. I have even tried pre treating it with wood hardener and that stuff almost makes the problem worse.

Yea it’s mdf from lowes 3/4" it has some chipout, I find that for mdf slower feedrate and a really sharp bit helps a lot with chipout also 60 degree v-bit tends to help as opposed to 90 degree.

I too have had so so luck with MDF. I’d really like to do a carve like that, but hate to spend that kind of machine time only to get a so so result. I have wondered about using Corian, but I have no clue if Corian would hold paint.

So what I gather from that and a couple other sources I read the answer is yes, but its not as simple as just slapping any old paint on it and call it a day, at least for an environment where it is going to see a lot of wear and tear, you might be able to just hit it with some spray paint and be good enough if it is going to be a wall hanger that wont get abuse and a lot of handling. If you have a piece of corian extra or can get a sample just give it a coat of whatever type of paint you had in mind and see how it reacts.

V-Carved corian painted with acrylic paint. I make a lot of these little signs and it works great.

Where do you get your corian and is it 1/2 inch? I am having troubles finding a source for a piece 26" x 26" x 1/2" at a reasonable price. I found 1 place that had a piece of some weird color that was 25 x 26 1/2 x 1/2 and their “overstock” price was $95.00 + shipping. Everything else is small pieces or full sheets at $350+

All I’ve worked with is 1/4". I bought it off of Ebay.

ahh ok, ill give another look at ebay, maybe I will have to step down to 1/4.

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I’m certainly going to give it a try. I’ve never cut Corian but am looking forward to it. I’m hoping because it has no grain and I’m guessing is fairly hard, it may hold some nice detail.

It actually cuts very easily and the detail it holds is amazing.

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Can’t wait wait to try it! I’m away from home for another 3 weeks, but it’s tops on my list

What’s your bit type, feed rate, doc, and bit size?

My X-Carve has a few upgrades, so keep that in mind.

I use the Amana 90 degree V-Bit with replaceable blades, I v-carved the entire design in 1 pass, I run the pass twice to clean out any fuzz. I believe I ran the toolpath at 100IPM, not sure as the files are in the workshop.

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MDF will absorb stain like a sponge; it darkens the stuff but doesn’t give you the same look as on other wood.

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…and done!!


That’s really cool! Have we discussed if you’re willing to share the file? :sunglasses: