Should i buy or should i not?... Need some input :)

Hi everyone…

Hey…i have a chance to buy a 2014 model xcarve new in box…unassembled…with dewalt…for $800

Is that a great deal or not so great taking into consideration its an older version with significant design differences structural and electronics…and flaws …issues as compared to current version xcarve?

Any input would be great in my decision making process…

Fyi…i have never owned a cnc router and this would be for home hobby …fun…learning…use only

You should stick to one thread :wink: no need for multiple posts of the same question. You will definitely get answers in your first thread as well.

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Thank you

Well would you consider $800 for a 2014 model new in box unassemled with dewalt router…a great deal?

Or average deal?..your opinion?

1000mm version

I would say yes I got my machine july 2015 new for $1,468 and there was no dewalt. if I currently had the funds i’d jump on it

I found mine for $300 and a table but was just the frame parts/x and y and older controller and with a table. Just added my laser and other upgrades and only have about $600 total

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Yup! Thumb area in unionville

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Awesome work…

And i appreciate all input in here

Its great

It seems that it may be a good decision for me to buy the 2014 unassembled 1000mm xcarve for $800 :slight_smile:

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Can the stock 0lder version xcarve do aluminum machining at all?

That is the way i bought mine and have had little to no trouble with it yet.

Nice! I’m from upnorth by cheboygan/black lake area till I moved down state to Dearborn/Richmond and now the thumb where I found my shop and house.

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Mines a older model and all I have done to it is the x axis upgrade. I have plans to get the z axis upgrade and do more custom work to it.

yes it can mods made it easier with better results

not the best but it was done with a .5 inch wood router bit but yes it works

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Thanks…you are right and feeds and speeds…etc…hell…i can cut aluminum with a dremel lol…but realitically the xcarve can do alum but very slow…

I can get it for $750 new in box unassembled 2015 model xcarve 1000mm with dewalt

Should i do it?

Im a first time cnc router potential owner…home use only

If you debate it much longer and it may be gone.

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One more question…can the xcarve do 3d machining…not just carving into,wood?

i would imagine it can

What i mean is if you wanted to create a relief on a piece of wood and created the gcode file…xcarve can machine it correct?

The X carve can do 3d. However Easel cannot desingn 3d or create gcode for 3d. It can import and send 3d gcode to the X carve to cut.