Show your x-carve table/setup

Hey all,

I am all set up and a few test runs with some issues, but more just learning how to use it. I am moving it out to my shop and am concerned about space. I knew it was going to be an issue when I ordered the 1000mm, but I figured I can always reduce the size if I HAVE to.

I wanted to see what some of you with tight spaces have done for your tables/setup, etc? Anyone mounting it sideways, up against a wall? Just searching for some good ideas and wanted to see what people have come up with.


There are a bunch already posted in the following link. Some very nice ones!

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I completed my X-Carve work bench today and thought I would share my build. My design is based on laminated 1/2" plywood to make rails and legs. Mortise and tenon connect the rails and legs, but not glued. I use 6" deck screws to hold together so I could take apart and move if required. The top is torsion box constructed and man is this work space solid and flat. The right side will house my Rigid Sander which will have a lift to raise sander to level of work bench top. It also houses my drill press with drawers for drill bits.