Sienar Fleet Systems Twin Ion Engine/Ln Starfighter

Rebel scum…

60’ vbit .2 in depth of cut. mediocre pine plywood. brushed on a single coat of walnut minwax stain.
need to go more shallow next time.


Is that an ASCII art image?

yes its ascii art

OK that is just awesome!!!

would be sweet on cell phone cases…

Another way to say it is that ASCII is the set of characters or glyphs that make up the most common way to express english when communicating with telecommunications equipment.

I like to think of each letter (think of movable type like a printing press) as being stored in a mail slot with a number… The computer always uses the numbers, because it’s a numerical machine. Humans use the letters/glyphs, because we have eyes, and work with numbers slower than a computer, but our ability to recognize and process symbols visually is superior to all but specialized computers.

There is a application that creates ascii from an image.
I used to use it back in the BBS days. :stuck_out_tongue: hehe there is probably a site you can do it now.