Sign up to beta test new features

Hi Everyone,

If you would be interested in helping us test new Easel features before they are released, we have a new place in Easel where you can sign up to be a beta tester:

If you sign up to be a tester, we may reach out to you from time to time to test features and give us feedback.



I´m interested but it depends on what I have to do to be a beta tester.

We’ll reach out to you periodically to describe a new feature we have in the works. If you’re interested in helping test that feature, we’ll turn the feature on in your account, and we’ll just ask that you use the feature and give us feedback on your experience with it. We might ask specific questions about your experience using it.

It will be on a feature by feature basis, and you can opt out at any time.

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We might also ask some high-level questions as well, such as whether you use your machine for business, hobby, education, etc. Just so we can better understand what type of user you are.

I went into my account and checked the box. I am interested in this project.

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Very interested, just looking into setting up a small CNC paid hobby/business with my X-Carve and going to be using Easel only.

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I just checked mine, too. Curious to see what the Inventables Shamans have in store for us.

I’m in.

How will we be notified that new features are available to go and test?

We will reach out to groups of users who have checked that box for each individual feature that we are testing. You can then decide if you want to participate in testing that feature or not.

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I’m very interested but I can’t find the setting to check.

Hi Donald,

The setting is on the “Account” tab of the modal that comes up when you open Easel, when you click “File / Open”, or when you click the Easel icon in the top left of Easel. There’s a screenshot shown at the top of this thread.


Thanks I was making that MUCH harder than it was. :smile:

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I’m in :slight_smile:


Totally Interested! :slight_smile: