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So, a while back I was inspired to set up my own projects thread like @ErikJenkins and his “It’s Alive” thread, and then I didn’t do it… :smirk:

I remembered that today, as well as being “away” from the forum long enough, and thought I would give it a go. In this thread I’ll post new projects I’ve started and I’ll also re-post a few that I’ve worked on in the past just to get them all together in one place.

I’m definitely not posting this thread to brag or anything like that. In fact I am slightly trepidatious about it. That being said, I do understand the need to grow my own skills and that can’t really happen in a vacuum, so I welcome you’re comments.

To start the list off, here are a few shots of what I am currently working on… any guesses as to what it will be?


Hmmmm…part of a spaceship model? :slight_smile:

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Set of tongue depressors for an Elephant?


Whatever it is, I think his wife is going to like that thing


Probably not necessary to specify that it’s a model :wink:


Straight off the bat @ErikJenkins gets it right.

I’ll post more pics of the shuttle that I’ve already finished if I can tear it from the clutches of my oldest son.

The complete project will be a set from the STS including a rough model of the moving launch platform.

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I was thinking tiny skateboards

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now that you said it, I keep seeing tiny skateboards. heh :slight_smile:

I thought a half-hull boat model using ‘bread and butter’ construction, something I’m going to try.


the HMS Sussex in the pic on that article looks pretty cool

Here’s a pic of the shuttle, which was not to leave his room. :slight_smile:


That is very nice.

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I had to glue some tongue and groove boards together and wanted to keep them flat while I did, so the X-Carve became a glorified clamping table. :grinning:


So, the reason I was glueing together the tongue and groove boards was to make a sign.

A friend of mine asked if I could make a custom sign for him with the letters TLE on it. The letters would be weathered white on a natural wood background stained with tung oil.

Here are a few pics of the progress:


Here is a tape measure that I just finished for my kid nicknamed “Rocket” who loves tape measures…

I was inspired to make it based on a video that Bob made on I Like to Make Stuff on YouTube.

The main body is made of Kwila and the inlay is Matai.


that’s pretty cool, is that just a regular inside of an old tape measure?

yeah, I bought a few tape measures at what they call a “2 dollar shop” and used the guts.

that’s a good idea and nice little project!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this forum, and I figured it is about time I come back and post something. I’ve worked on a few largish projects in the last few months and thought I’d post them here.

The first one was done at the end of the year last year before I took a trip the the US.
I started with a mockup of a prototype that was sent to the client and then revised a few times to get to what he wanted. The ultimate goal is to make a sorting shelf for his hundreds of hair dye colors to be on display in his hair salon.

Next came an actual mockup to visualize the thickness of the shelves.

The whole thing would have a frame of plywood and then be skinned in acrylic. Glossy white and black acrylic.

Here are the dividers being cut to shape. There is a concave curve on the face of each divider so fingers can get in and grab a box from the shelf.

Here I am cutting the slots for the dividers to slide into out of black acrylic that lines the top and bottom of each shelf.

The whole thing mounts to the wall with a french cleat.

A pic sent to me from the client of the shelves in use.


Very nice!