SketchUp Model of the X-Carve

Has anyone successfully imported the 3D model provided by Inventables into Sketchup? I have tried several different plugins and none of them have been able to import the model.

Do you want the 3D models or the DXF 2D drawings. If the later then downlaod a free copy of DraftSight and you can open the DXF files and change them if you want to.
For 3D models download a copy for Fusion360 and you can import the 3D modles. Other option is a free cloud based 3D CAD program that you can import the files to.
It is my understanding that SketchUp is not a CAD program for mechanical CAD parts.

Hope this helps


I’m actually trying to import it into Sketchup to help with shop setup and oragization.

Gotya. I’m no help there.


The X-Carve’s predecessor, the ShapeOko 2 is in the Warehouse:

Then go to:

search for Shapeoko:

and d/l:

I used that model when I had the Shapeoko 2 but now with the X-Carve I am trying to find one that is the full size X-Carve.

just created one of the 1000mm, the link is here: Sketchup Model of X-Carve 500 & 1000mm