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Smoke from xcontroller

I have smoke at start up coming from my board. Board number is 16039. It is from one of the Toshiba black blocks in the back of the x controller.

Hi Tom- you should contact customer service. I had a new machine and one of the circuits in the board shorted out the first time I turned the machine on. There was smoke and it smelled electrical. They sent me a new board right away and it fixed my issue.


@TomRichards, here is a helpful link for contacting Inventables…


Brandon Parker

Thanks folks. I did get a response back and ended up having to order a new board. Still really would like to know what the problem was so the new one doesn’t fail. But we will see


There are many things that could lead to a driver chip releasing the magic smoke…

When you get the new one and install it, make sure you set your dip switches correctly…


Brandon Parker

While you’re waiting, unplug each of the steppers (because I forget which one that is the driver for) and check the white connectors for heat related issue (there will be black melted marks if applicable) I’ve seen that in some other forums where ppl have related issues.

At least if they check out good, one less thing for you to be concerned about.

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