Snap two pieces together

Is there a way to create 2 pieces that will snap together? One piece would be flat with 2 or more prongs and the other piece would have corresponding holes the same length as the depth of the other piece as well as the same distance apart as the prongs.

I’ve been playing around with it but have no luck.

Any ideas from anyone?

BTW, I’m using the Carvey.

There’s some discussion of this sort of thing here and in the preceding sections:

Esp. see the link to:

Phil made a picture frame that had a cool locking joint… Picture frame for mother's day gift I have seen other uses of this type of joint on the net. @PhilJohnson

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Interesting idea! I wonder if you could use the inlay setting to set something like that up on the different parts of a project.

I’m trying that now and will post my findings…