So here's a new one

Today I start having a problem with both my Triquetra and the Z zero plate not working.
When they make contact, nothing happens.
And of course when I’m using just the Z zero plate, it just wants to keep driving down and I have to hit the E Stop button and start over.
I checked all the wiring and all is good.
I get this message.

I finally discovered that the only way I can resume is to completely shut down the X controller and repower up.
Any thoughts??

That’s a communication error with the USB port.

There are many multiple threads here about USB connectivity issues. There are lot’s of things that could be the problem.

First thing I would try is to bypass the X-controller bulkhead USB connector and connect your USB cable directly to the processor board and see if that corrects the problem. I think you will need an alternate USB cable as the connection on the processor board is different than the bulkhead connector outside the X-controller.

As you know I’ve had many problems in the past with connectivity.
After I ran a dedicated circuit to the machine, and isolated the dust collector on yet another circuit, my problems went away and the machine has been working flawlessly for months until today.
The cable running from the laptop to the controller has chokes on both ends.
Inventables was good enough to even send me a new board with a different USB connection on it.
Do I need a new more robust bulkhead connector?
If so, what should I get?
Do I need a more robust controller?
If so, what should I get?
I’m starting to get frustrated again because I feel like I’m not explaining myself correctly.
I’m suddenly at a loss right now.

Not necessarily. Some of the X-controllers were sent out with bulkhead connecting cables that were defective. The way to determine that is to bypass the bulkhead connecting cable to see if the problem goes away. If not, then your issue is not the bulkhead cable.

There is nothing wrong with the way you are explaining your issue.

If you have installed software (and/or a windows update) it’s possible that something changed in the USB setup to cause new problems.

You could try re-installing the FTDI USB driver on your system to see if that would help.

You seem to have done most, if not all, of the hardware modifications to help the USB connectivity.

Do you have the duct work for your dust collection system grounded to reduce static electricity?

one of the things that I’m blessed with is windows 10 that automatically updates at the most inopportune times.
I don’t know what FTDI is or how to go about installing it.
I don’t have duct work on my dust collector. Its just a long shop vac hose.

that is what people call “duct work” the hose will become charged when the dust particles move through it. similar to dragging your socks on the carpet, you get an electrical charge built up and then it gets released at the most inopportune time. this could be causing your issue. Inventables sells their dust collection system with a grounding strap to help eliminate that problem.

Jan, Sorry post withdrawn.

What ver. of PS are you using?

My zero plate routines (not Charlie’s) working OK, so have you recently updated anything?

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Don’t know off the top of my head but I think its 7.??

Will be three numbers starting with a 2. Also please post build number that is at bottom right of PS screen.

I suspect that the wrong error message is being displayed due to a bug, so not sure why Charlie’ s code giving you an error. Maybe Charlie will pick up on this.

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I’ve been running flawlessly for months now.
This just started yesterday with both the Triquetra and the Z zero from Inventables.
I just ordered led bulbs to replace the fluorescent and am now searching for grounding materials.
I will post your build number later today.
Thank you for your help.

I found the little magnet connector was too recessed in the little round black mount. The magnet wasn’t making connection with the collet. I dremmeled the black plastic out of the way. Good as new now.

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The version that I have is 2.7.5
I knew there was a 7 in there someplace…

OK, you should be good with PS. Sending you a PM.

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I have had the same problem on occasion. What I do when that happens is I shut down Picsender. I then restart Picsender, open the port again, rehome, rezero and I’m off and running again. No need to reboot the computer.

Somehow I don’t think its a Picsender problem.
I finally got my machine to work flawlessly for months and this suddenly popped up on Sunday.
I have already ordered new LED lights for my overhead and am researching grounded dust collector hoses.
But I’ve been wrong before. (many times)


I know the feeling. I learn something new every time I touch my machine.

Please be sure you have not accidentally unchecked ‘Vector Gcode’. It needs to be selected for router work.

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I’m good there.

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That’s a communication error with the USB port.

I have contacted Inventables and they are working on this also.
But I went back to re-read your post and thought, could this be a problem with my laptop?