Software for drilling

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I saw this video on youtube , ", and they are making a picture with CNC machine by drilling holes with a V shaped milling bit.

Does somebody know what software is capable of making this type of tool path ?

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You could try:

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Check out this thread:

I had not seen this yet. Very cool software! So many things I want to do with my X-Carve!

Anyone know of linux software for this?

Have you Googled “Lithophane”?
Try looking at which shows how to cut a photo into something and to then back-light it. Very cool technique…

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Thanks for THAT @DavidWestley… Wow, very cool…

Seems that the original software is no longer available. I found another software at which is not free however seems like it does a good job. If anyone knows of a free version that they have tried please let us know. Thanks

Here is a link to a similar software also linked above

I downloaded it today and had to do some tweeking to the settings to get it to draw correctly. I works. Thanks for the help though.

Someone can upload dxf halftone? This link can’t open

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I posted a link in the guide below:

Fusion 360 has a drilling CAM setup