[solved] Cannot import gradients or clipping masks from SVG to Easel

Hey guys first I’d like to mention the first thing I always do is click that handy magnifying glass before posting anything. I found a few threads that I used to help. One in particular was this one ([solved] SVG Import Scaling Issue)

They mention changing the Pixels per inch to 72, so I tried doing that. I also found Phil’s solution for coreldraw but no mention about adobe illustrator.

Anyways here is my problem. I am trying to turn my logo into a sign using MDF. A 3 layered sign, so scaling is important as everything has to be the same size for when I glue the pieces. I opened up Illustrator and set my canvas size to 800mmx800mm since that is what the XCARVE can carve. I changed the pixels per inch to 72. But when I import the SVG it says the svg doesnt fit the scale and to scale it down, so I click yes, and my easel crashes. Here is a picture. I am still a noob with illustrator. I didn’t realize how different it was to photoshop (I use photoshop on a daily basis) Any help is appreciated. Hoping to have this all figured out for next week, when I get all of my bits.

Let’s see if we can break down the problem into parts.

Getting the right scaling from illustrator

In Illustrator, I created a new document with the default settings. I created a rectangle and typed in 1" x 1" for the dimensions. I saved it as an svg and imported into Easel. It imported as a 1" x 1" square, so Easel should be fine importing documents from illustrator by default. Can you replicate this by doing those steps and confirm that there is no difference between our Illustrator versions?

SVG fit to scale
Easel will prompt you to resize an SVG if it is larger than the work area. Make sure that you have your work area set and if you think the dimensions are right and do not want to scale, click “Cancel” instead of “Ok”.

Illustrator SVG crashing in Easel
Remember that Easel isn’t looking for anything other than vector outlines in your file. It cannot process groups, clipping masks, gradients, embedded images or anything like that. You may have to simplify your SVG in order to get it to import correctly.

Hope this helps!

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I got it to stop crashing, looks like it is a bunch of black squares. I realized there are gradients to it so I am guessing that is the black squares? How would I go about simplifying this? Ill try the 1x1 square right now and see.

Are there clipping masks? The black squares look like they might be the outside of a shape that is being used as a clipping mask, and I think Easel just ignores those relationships and imports it as a shape anyway.

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I think so. I will see if I can remove them in photoshop. Since I am not to familiar with illustrator I am trying to do most of my work in photoshop and importing to illustrator then to Easel. There are multiple gradients and clipping masks. Hoping to convert them to solid layers in photoshop. I wonder if going from photoshop to illustrator if setting are messed up. I am using 800mmx800mm in both applications

Thank you for all the help! It looks like changing the clipping masks and gradients to a solid color did the trick and fixed the scaling issue! Thank you very much!

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Great! Glad I could help.

For posterity I’m going to change the name of this thread to help people who search for similar problems in the future. And if you scroll to the bottom of the thread looking for the answer, it was: